Saturday, July 18, 2009

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective
written by Donald Sobol

Thanks to my awesome friend Talitha for making me revisit such an amazingly influential childhood book. I know this series inspired me to read many other mystery series, like Cam Jansen, Nancy Drew, and The Boxcar Children. It's probably why I still like suspenseful mystery novels today. I remember being frustrated over not knowing the solution--well, funnily enough, rereading the book, I still rarely ever knew what the solution to the case was until I read it! I love the do-it-yourself element to the mysteries, although all the page turning always got on my nerves. It gives kids this great feeling of, hey, look, Encyclopedia can be a detective and SO CAN I! This is definitely a favorite worth introducing to your kids, so both you and they can have fun trying to solve the mysteries! If you're not a kid, still worth the revisit, see how many of the old cases you can crack now.

Rating: 5/5

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