Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet Valley Jr. High--Get Real

Sweet Valley Jr. High--Get Real
created by Francine Pascal

I wish I'd been aware of this book when I'd gone through middle school; it would have been such a great time to get into this series instead of starting off with the age-inappropriate Sweet Valley High series. This is the only Sweet Valley series that I haven't read, so naturally, the curiosity got to me. I only read the first book and loved it a lot more than some of the other SV series, I can tell you that. The characters are more real, and, as of book 1, although I don't know if it changed or not, this series seems like it might lack the unrealistic and/or supernatural elements found in some of the other SV series. Say what you will about the writing and plot in the Sweet Valley universe, and we all know that they are subpar, props to Francine Pascal for creating such a wonderful circle of characters that we've all come to know very well and love (or hate, depending on the character!). That being said, I wish some of the old characters were included in this series to provide at least a bit of continuity. As much as I dislike her, I was glad to see Lila make an appearance, just as a connection to the other books. I did like the new character Salvador, and I think he fits in with the universe perfectly. Wouldn't he and Winston Egbert be a laugh together? Anyways, yay for more teen angst, or something along those lines?

Rating: For an SV book, this one gets a high rating. I'm going with a 4/5.

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