Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Higher Power of Lucky

The Higher Power of Lucky
written by Susan Patron,
illustrated by Mike Phelan


The Higher Power of Lucky is a charming small-town story about a girl named Lucky looking for a "higher power" as her guidance in life. It is a book that emphasizes the love of a caregiver and the doubt that comes with it. The narration is flowery, filled with insightful thoughts that can only come from a snarky ten-year-old girl. While often unrealistically written, there are moments where you just shake your head, knowing that that one particular thought could only come from a child. There are many non-essential elements written into the story, such as the whole reason this book has been banned in many places. Many of the situations and subject matters feel horribly overdone, as if hundreds of authors have already written about them. Fans of Beverly Cleary's Ramona series will love this down-to-earth book, and will probably want to check out its sequel, Lucky Breaks. There are small sketch-like illustrations throughout the book. They don't really add much to the text, and the book could have done without them.

I got this book from...:Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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