Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Science Verse

Science Verse
written by Jon Scieszka
illustrated by Lane Smith


This is a really wonderful and unique collection of poetry created by the amazingly original Jon Scieszka and his partner-in-crime, Lane Smith. It's sort of a companion book to the duo's previous work, Math Curse, although that one is not required to be read beforehand in order to understand this volume. Scieszka and Smith find a way to make science be an exciting subject, without some of the boredom that can sometimes creep its way into the subject, through humor and some good old poetry. Hopefully, the book will serve as a jumping point for classroom activities, and children will get a kick out of seeing topics they've covered in poetic form. Not only are concepts of science conveyed well, children will receive a poetry lesson, as many well-known poems are parodied throughout the book. As always, Lane Smith's illustrations are a hilarious addition to the story, conveying simple but hysterically funny thoughts. The readers will love the hilarious bug-eyed depiction of our narrator and his scientific misadventures.

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