Friday, May 7, 2010

Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia
written by Katherine Paterson

My biggest issue with Bridge to Terabithia? I don't know why, but somewhere along the way as I grew up, I heard of this book, and I somehow gained the impression that it was a fantasy novel, where these two kids travel to a magical land. Granted, Jess and Leslie do travel to a magical land, they only do so through their imagination. So while I was thinking this was a fantasy novel, it is a realistic fiction one. So uh. That kind of ruined the book for me. Big time. One of the first comments I made after figuring this out is one that I have made for Newbery winners repeatedly: "Is this a popular book because kids like it, or is it a popular book because teachers like it as a tool for analysis?" Having finished it, I think one would be hard pressed to a find a child who really loved this book, and instead would find teachers who love it, because of exactly what I said. Considering that this book was read by me for an environmental lit class, obviously it's a favorite for teachers. It's a very dry book, with not much action until the very [depressing and hard to handle emotionally] end. There is some language in this book that is objectionable and has supposedly led to the book being banned, although many argue that the bannings are more for the "controversial" religious content. The foreshadowing in this book is painfully bad. I did really love hearing some of the sentiments expressed in this book, particularly Leslie's views, but in the end, not a fan of it. May Belle's role at the end of the book and just the ending in general are too convenient, and the big climax just ticks me off.

side note: See the cover? Does anyone else think Leslie looks like Luna? They are, I would say, very similar characters...

I got this book from...:Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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