Monday, May 10, 2010

Pleasing the Ghost

Pleasing the Ghost
written by Sharon Creech

I understand that this book is for younger readers, but I did feel like it was not a very well-written book. It reels the reader in with short, snappy sentences and a catchy concept--a boy who can talk to ghosts. It's an overly simplified plot, but again, just a kid's book. I did wonder, while reading, if kids would be patient enough to put up with Uncle Arvie's unique speech patterns. I was also highly unsettled in reading and seeing such a strong emphasis put on money in a children's book. That's not really something I want kids to prize... I don't know. The whole book seems rushed, unresolved, and disconnected. It's just not much of a story, but it for younger readers, so some of this would probably not be so unsettling to them. I do know Creech is capable of putting together a much better quality story for children, as she's done in the past, so I think I would just wait until the kids were a little older and let them read Creech's much better works like Absolutely Normal Chaos and Walk Two Moons.

I got this book from...:Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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